The Best Red Light Therapy Gyms: Comparing Gyms vs Home Devices

The Best Red Light Therapy Gyms: Comparing Gyms vs Home Devices

Red light therapy is getting popular as it aims to treat skin and heal the body. It uses light on low wavelengths to treat acne, redness, wrinkles, scars, and other aging signs and regenerate muscle tissue. The popularity of red-light therapy isn't limited to gyms alone. It's now easier than ever for individuals to incorporate this therapy into their daily routines. The market has seen a surge in the availability of at-home red light therapy devices, offering convenience and flexibility. These devices come in various forms, from compact handheld options to full-body panels. This accessibility allows people to tailor their red-light therapy sessions to their specific needs and schedules, potentially democratizing the benefits of this emerging wellness trend. As more individuals explore the possibilities of at-home red light therapy, the debate over the effectiveness and convenience of gym-based treatments versus personal devices continues to evolve.


"What I like about this cap is that it's truly a game-changer. The red light therapy not only revitalizes the hair, but also incredibly convenient too – it can be worn while going about your usual daily routine. This red light therapy cap is like a daily dose of positivity and rejuvenation. Highly recommended for anyone seeking an effective and hassle-free way to enhance their well-being." - April


VitaliZEN Cosmo (60 Watt) VitaliZEN Apollo (600 Watt) VitaliZEN Max (1200 Watt)
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In light of this discussion, big names like Club Fitness, Crunch Fitness, and Planet Fitness have added red light therapy machines to their gyms to help members get the most out of their workouts. 

Now the question is: Compared to red light therapy devices at home, how do they measure up?

Is a Gym with Red Light Therapy the Right Option?

When choosing the best gym, the process can seem intimidating. The best gym offers personalized classes, amenities, extras, and an overall experience that can be overwhelming. Newcomers especially look for the gym that delivers the best package and results. 

Saunas are excellent for post-workout muscle relaxation, and tanning beds might help accentuate your muscles, but do they offer considerable results considering their cost? 

Red light therapy is an innovative and safe choice for health and fitness enthusiasts. Its standout feature lies in its remarkable safety profile, setting it apart from many other health treatments.

Following our discussion on why red light therapy is worth joining a gym, let's look at three popular chains offering it.


Deluxe Red Light Therapy at Planet Fitness

Planet Fitness, a fitness club franchise with a global reach, boasts over 2,000 clubs across the United States, Canada, Mexico, Panama, the Dominican Republic, and Australia. Renowned for its beginner-friendly approach, Planet Fitness proudly promotes itself as a "judgment-free zone," welcoming individuals of all fitness levels. Even more enticing is its budget-friendly pricing, with memberships starting from $10 per month.

The Black Card membership, priced at $24.99 monthly, offers unlimited access to all Planet Fitness facilities worldwide. Benefits include guest privileges, discounts on drinks and apparel, travel deals, and access to the "Total Body Enhancement" machine. This unique device emits soothing red light, enhancing the post-workout experience. A recommended 12-minute post-workout session is offered, with availability to schedule sessions as frequently as desired, as long as there is a 24-hour gap between sessions.

Red light therapy at Planet Fitness serves a dual purpose, targeting post-workout muscle recovery and addressing joint pain and inflammation. Use the red light therapy machine for 3-5 minutes before exercising to optimize results. This proactive approach conditions your muscles and aids in injury prevention. Clinical trials have substantiated its efficacy and safety, reinforcing its value in your fitness journey.

The machine at Planet Fitness utilizes gentle waves to provide a whole-body vibration effect that is entirely safe for the body. Did you know using red or infrared light is a safe way to achieve optimal safety? This technique is great because it eliminates potential harm from UV light exposure.


Revitalizing Red Light Therapy at Crunch Fitness

Crunch Fitness, once a modest basement studio in NYC, has blossomed into a vast chain with 300+ locations spanning the US, Canada, and Australia. Built on inclusivity and a rejection of judgment, Crunch welcomes individuals from diverse backgrounds, celebrating their differences and peculiarities. They even accommodate busy parents with convenient childcare services as a membership add-on.

In addition to traditional cardio and weight equipment, Crunch Fitness provides a kaleidoscope of imaginative group classes, personalized training, and nutrition guidance. Membership options range from the $15.99/month base plan to the comprehensive $34.99/month Peak Results plan. The latter offers extraordinary value, granting guest privileges, access to group, spin, and HIIT classes, live online workouts, and the luxury of hydromassage, tanning facilities, and invigorating infrared saunas.

Crunch Fitness epitomizes a holistic gym experience, featuring state-of-the-art equipment, personalized training, and an extensive repertoire of fitness classes. Their red light therapy services promote skin wellness, reduce inflammation, and expedite post-workout recovery. This therapy can ignite the repair process in your skin tissue by harnessing the power of low-power red light wavelengths. Experience the

 healing benefits of this revolutionary therapy today. The BEAUTY ANGEL RVT 30 seamlessly marries beauty light with platform-based total body vibration, fostering an environment for enhancing physical aesthetics and muscle toning. Moreover, Crunch presents infrared saunas, seamlessly blending the traditional sauna's ambiance with the heat generation prowess of red light therapy. Unlike conventional saunas relying on sweat to purge toxins, these infrared counterparts irradiate the skin with specific wavelength light, invigorating cellular energy production and delivering many health benefits.

Exclusive Red Light Therapy at Club Fitness

Founded in St. Louis in 1983, Club Fitness has grown to over 20 locations in Missouri and Illinois. The gym offers a $25.99/month base membership with access to all facilities, group classes, and tanning. Opt for the $39.99/month platinum membership for added perks, including retail discounts, access to women's training, pulse and cycle studios, guest passes, hydro massage, and red light therapy.

Club Fitness introduces its red light therapy system, resembling Planet Fitness' body enhancement device. This walk-in capsule bathes users in red light, requiring only a 10-minute session for the myriad benefits of red light therapy.

At the heart of Club Fitness' offering is the Beauty Angel, featuring 30 UV-free full-body red light lamps. These work in tandem with platform-based vibration exercise technology. It creates an ideal setting for complete rejuvenation and muscle toning.

Red light therapy is a non-invasive technique penetrating deep into the skin, promoting collagen production and diminishing fine lines for smoother, firmer skin. It yields benefits over 90 days of regular use, such as improved muscle recovery, enhanced skincare, better circulation, and a youthful appearance.

In situations where your gym doesn't offer red light therapy or none are conveniently accessible, the convenience of personal devices brings this therapy to your home. 

The question remains: is investing in an at-home device genuinely beneficial?


Full body red light therapy device highest irradiance

Why do you need a Personal Red Light Therapy Device at home?

Red light therapy machines in fitness centers have undeniable benefits but present inconveniences. Access often requires a premium gym membership, potentially leading to cumulative costs if you only need some perks. While some gyms offer on-demand sessions, the daily use recommended for red light therapy could strain your budget.

Secondly, gyms typically possess only one machine, resulting in potential delays. Waiting an additional 20 minutes post-workout for an infrared sauna session might prove impractical in our hectic schedules.

Thirdly, the post-COVID-19 era has transformed fitness choices, as many opt for home workouts to mitigate potential health risks associated with gym visits, including those with red light therapy.

Overall, no matter how luxurious and accommodating gyms can be, we still look for personalized portable gadgets and the comfort of our own space. In the wake of experiencing the joys of working from home, more people are seeking this option.

Red light therapy at gyms offers benefits but has its drawbacks. Premium memberships add costs, and limited machines may result in delays. As online fitness programs gain popularity, gym access becomes less practical.

It's 2023, and people favor workouts at home. Fortunately, numerous FDA-cleared at-home devices provide a secure and hassle-free alternative. Renowned for its non-invasiveness and painlessness, red light therapy has many necessary instructions and adherence.

One such brand is VitaliZEN, which provides practical solutions for healing and well-being with affordable home devices.

VitaliZEN Red Light Therapy offers cost-effective solutions with diverse sizes and pricing options catering to individual needs. Their panels provide healing, pain relief, skin rejuvenation, mood elevation, and cognitive enhancements. It is crucial to adhere to the recommended guidelines to ensure safe and efficient usage. Please kindly follow the instructions provided for optimal results.

A satisfied VitaliZEN customer, sharing their thoughts, exclaims,

"I cherish this gadget! Many mornings, I used to wrestle with discomfort upon waking up. But now, as I commence my daily regimen, this user-friendly light therapy contraption has become my trusted ally in alleviating the discomfort in my lower back and legs. I have noticed a striking decrease in pain and enhanced flexibility. The immediate pain relief I experienced during my visits to the gym's red light therapy sessions has left me yearning to access this device whenever needed. I wholeheartedly recommend this apparatus for pain management, and it performs admirably in reducing facial wrinkles."


VitaliZEN Red Light Therapy at Home Devices 

VitaliZEN offers at-home red light therapy devices that cater to individual needs, offering a range of sizes and prices. With its products, you can manage various wellness problems non-invasively, effectively, and safely. These red light therapy devices operate for rejuvenating skin and hair, pain relief, muscle rehab, and mood enhancement.


VitaliZEN Max Red Light Therapy

Experience the benefits of VitaliZEN Max Full Body Red Light Therapy, a 1200-watt solution for muscle and joint pain relief, enhanced skin health, and overall well-being in just 60 days. In as little as 20 minutes per day, you can alleviate pain, stimulate collagen production, improve wound healing, manage inflammation, and boost athletic performance.  

The VitaliZEN MAX Red Light is so effective that it reduces pain and inflammation and supports muscle gain, strength, and endurance.

VitaliZEN Cosmo Portable Red Light Therapy

It is a Portable 60-watt Red Light Therapy device for on-the-go skin health improvement and pain reduction. With just 20 minutes daily, you can kickstart collagen production, achieve optimal pain relief, enhance wound healing, and manage inflammation. While it's a sturdy and portable device with excellent battery life and aesthetics, it's important to note that its 60-watt capacity is a fraction of heavy, wall-mounted lights.

That requires patience for results compared to their quicker counterparts. If you prioritize speed over portability, there may be better choices than the Cosmo.


2023 VitaliZEN GlowPro LED Red Light Cap

The 2023 VitaliZEN GlowPro LED Red Light Cap is a solution to enhance hair count, thickness, and density in as little as 15 minutes daily. This cap employs red light therapy to reduce hair loss, improve scalp health, and stimulate hair growth. Exposing your scalp to red light reaches hair follicles, promoting follicles to enter the growth phase and increasing hair count.

Moreover, red light therapy enhances blood circulation, delivering oxygen and vital nutrients to the follicles and fostering a healthier environment for hair growth.

VitaliZEN GlowStep Red Light Therapy Slippers

The VitaliZEN GlowStep Red Light Therapy Slippers, are more than just comfortable footwear; they are a gateway to a healthier and more pain-free you. By addressing various foot ailments, such as plantar fasciitis and arthritis, these slippers offer targeted relief through their advanced 660 nm and 850 nm wavelength technology, penetrating deep into tissues to reduce inflammation and alleviate discomfort. Furthermore, they actively contribute to nerve and tissue regeneration, potentially expediting the healing process and stimulating collagen production, a critical protein for tissue repair.

Their post-surgery benefits are particularly notable, as they aid in wound and bone healing, promoting cellular activity, the production of new skin cells, and even bone cell growth. With the VitaliZEN GlowStep Red Light Therapy Slippers, you can take a significant step toward better foot health and overall well-being.

With VitaliZEN red light therapy, you can design your fitness journey.



Disclaimer: The information published by VitaliZEN Red Light Therapy is intended to be educational and is not to be taken as medical advice. Our data is sourced from trusted scientific journals and peer-reviewed clinical studies to ensure accuracy.

Our red light therapy devices are registered with the FDA as class-II medical devices indicated for the relief of muscle spasms, minor muscle and joint aches, and pain and stiffness associated with arthritis. However, the use of our devices or the application of any information obtained on this site is at your own risk, and we encourage you to consult your physician or medical professional before beginning red light therapy treatment.

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