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VitaliZEN Full Size Grounding Sheet with Grounding Cords & Wrist Straps Set

VitaliZEN Full Size Grounding Sheet with Grounding Cords & Wrist Straps Set

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🌳 PREMIUM FEATURES: The VitaliZEN Hypnos Grounding Sheet is a flat sheet with a full size of 53”x75” crafted from a luxurious 400 thread count of certified organic cotton with silver fiber, combining excellent conductivity with a soft and comfortable feel, making it exceptionally skin-friendly. Includes 2 x grounding adjustable wrist straps ($40 value) and a 14.7 ft cable for the sheet.

🌳 EXPERIENCE OPTIMUM WELLNESS: Our durable and washable fabric ensures long-term use. The sheet is woven with 95% organic cotton and 5% highly conductive silver thread in a tight pattern that guarantees uninterrupted contact throughout the night. You won't even notice the silver thread, but you'll surely notice the benefits. Simply plug the included cable into the grounding port of your electrical outlet, and experience the benefits of grounding without using any electricity.

🌳 EXTRA STRAPS INCLUDED: The VitaliZEN Hypnos Grounding Sheet is a complete set that goes beyond the rest. Unlike others, we include an additional set of 2 grounding straps, providing versatility for use on your wrists or ankles. Now, immerse yourself in the multitude of grounding benefits not only while you're sleeping on the sheet but during the day while you’re also engaging in your regular activities like work, reading, or watching TV. Unmatched convenience and wellness await you!

🌳 WARRANTY & DEDICATED CUSTOMER SUPPORT: If within 60 days you find yourself dissatisfied with your VitaliZEN Hypnos, you can return it for a full refund. Furthermore, we provide a comprehensive one-year warranty and loving customer service. In the event of any issues that are unrelated to misuse, we will gladly either replace ensuring your continued satisfaction. Our warranty is one of the best options for you in the market.

🌳 PERFECT GIFT: Share the joy of improved sleep, reduced stress and overall well being with your Mom, Dad, wife, husband, or anyone else! You and your loved ones can enjoy the combined benefits grounding everyday. We suggest hand wash and avoid using detergents that contain bleach or natural oils as these substances can diminish or even disrupt the silver's conductivity. Regular use will help reduce stress, improve sleep, diminish tension and alleviate pain. This is the perfect present.

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