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Red Light Therapy Belt

Red Light Therapy Belt

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CHOOSE THE BEST RED LIGHT BELT - Irradiance is one of the most important features of red light because it’s the amount of light energy your body will receive. Some belts only provide an irradiance of 99 mw/cm2. Also, size matters because you need better coverage. With 127.8 mW/cm2 of irradiance at its surface, the VitaliZEN Red Light Belt offers one of the highest irradiances on the market & the belt is also larger than most others, delivering better coverage to treat different body parts.

SUPPORT YOUR WELLBEING - Imagine yourself waking up in the morning feeling energized, your body benefiting from optimum blood flow, seeing and feeling the difference in your skin complexion and collagen production. Those are the results from the "Controlled Trial to Determine the Efficacy of Red and Near-Infrared Light Treatment" study made in 2014. Red light therapy doesn't have to cost hundreds of dollars per session at a spa anymore. Our product is designed to provide those benefits at home.

ERGONOMIC & CONVENIENT - Flexible, comfortable, & lightweight design. It has a 20-min timer and is made of high-quality, soft and durable material. Its elastic strap fits most body sizes and can be folded at various angles to use on your neck, shoulders, back, knees, legs, feet and other parts. Use it on the move by connecting it to a power bank - for example while at the gym, watching tv, reading, working etc. It also includes a cable to connect to a wall outlet.

SAFE AND EASY TO USE - The study “The Efficacy & Safety of 660nm Light-Emitting Devices” made in 2014, concluded that red light therapy provides a safe treatment of skin tissue with high patient satisfaction rates. In 2016, the study “Photobiomodulation in human muscle tissue” found the use of NIR at 850 nm increased muscle mass after training and decreased inflammation”. Using 120 LEDs and three chips per LED, the VitaliZEN Red Light Belt emits those science-backed wavelengths at 660nm & 850nm.

100% SATISFACTION - 2-years money-back guarantee, this exceeds most competitor's warranties by 1 year or more. We want you to be fully satisfied and we stand behind the quality of this product. That’s why we back every order so you can shop with confidence. If you are not satisfied with our product, you are protected by our no questions asked, money-back guarantee for up to 2 years from the date of purchase. Make sure to use it as part of your daily routine for optimal results.

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