The Hair Thinning Treatment 99% Of People Don't Know About

Red light therapy treatment, or low-level light therapy, has been gaining attention as a natural, effective and safe way to stimulate hair growth. It works like this: when the visible red light is applied to the scalp (at the ideal duration, intensity and wavelength), the body can harness the light and turn it into cellular energy. This stimulates the body's natural healing process — and potentially promotes hair regrowth.

"Two separate studies have shown that red light therapy works for male pattern baldness and female pattern baldness," said hair expert and cosmetologist Ganima Abdullah.

In the first study, the participants were treated every other day for four months, which resulted in 60 treatments total. There was a 35% increase in hair growth for this group. The second study lasted for 14 weeks, and the therapy was conducted daily and showed a marked increase in hair density.

Regrow fuller and denser hair in 90 days guaranteed with red light therapy.