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Laptop Harness Improved Version

Laptop Harness Improved Version

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EASILY CARRY YOUR LAPTOP ON YOUR WEARABLE DESK - With an extra-wide and comfortable area (up to 17" laptops), more cushioned & large shoulder pads, a convenient criss-cross design in the back, bigger zip pocket & adjustable straps ideal for people with any height, you can work with your laptop right in front of you. Our mobile Laptop Harness is perfect for stock keepers, engineers, auditors, or anyone else who needs their hands free with their laptop or mobile device available. (Patent pending)

BETTER ERGONOMIC DESIGN - The base is large enough for up to 17" laptops, built-in extra-thick, resistant, & lightweight wooden with 3 elastic straps to help secure your devices. One side is extra cushioned to avoid hurting your stomach area. It can be raised and lowered as you please with the fully adjustable straps and they can be moved to the side to place the laptop and, along with the thicker elastic strap, help secure the laptop in place holding it from behind. Shoulder pads are extra big.

IMPROVE HEALTH WHEN WORKING FROM HOME - Get much needed movement by putting your laptop or using different devices and move around while working. Studies show that movement helps you maintain a healthier blood pressure, better mood, longer life & overall wellness. Ideal desk area for up to 17” laptops with an extra cushioned removable pad for more comfort. The base is ideal to carry a maximum weight of 12 lb while using and it has a bigger zip pocket in the back to keep your laptop there.

ALTERNATIVE TO HEAVY STANDING DESKS, DESIGN SPECIALLY THOUGHT FOR YOU - Produced by hand in small quantities and designed to last since we consider quality as one of the top advantages because we tried them all and they didn’t work well. Not only are they heavy, cumbersome, more expensive, and take up a lot of space. Using them caused pain and discomfort. That’s what led us to develop this wearable desk. This is an improved version based on your suggestions and the complaints from other brands.

SATISFACTION GUARANTEED - We are here for you. We are constantly improving our design and trying our best to solve the complaints about other desks. This one is our latest improved version, when we are specially thinking about your comfort, convenience and the safety of your devices. Your satisfaction is guaranteed or you’ll get your money back. You have 90 days to decide.

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