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Earthing Wrist Bands Kit (1 Pair)

Earthing Wrist Bands Kit (1 Pair)

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Essential protection from static electricity and electromagnetic fields at home / work / etc. Protect yourself from EMFs or synthetic electromagnetic radiation even while you’re at home watching TV, using your phone, or at your computer with YOUR VitaliZEN Earthing/Grounding cords and wrist straps.

PLUGS INTO ANY HOME 3-PRONG OUTLET. Easily connect the cable to the round, ground prong of the outlet, then secure the wrist band. This creates a connection between your body and the natural energy fields of the earth without needing to walk barefoot outside. This allows you to harvest the benefits of grounding at the comfort of your own home.

LONG CORDS FOR WIDE RANGE OF MOVEMENT. 14.7 feet long grounding cords grant freedom to move and freedom from tangles.

IMPROVES SLEEP, DECREASES FATIGUE, REDUCES STRESS & IMPROVES WELLBEING. Stray electromagnetic radiation can make it harder for your body to process cortisol, the stress hormone - this is going to cause problems with sleeping resulting in headaches, contribute to muscle inflammation and cause overall body discomfort. Grounding yourself can help eliminate this source of chronic fatigue, help lower stress levels and promote calmness in the body by cooling down the nervous system and stress hormones.

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